End of the mandate

In ordinary cases, the mandate ends when the lawyer considers the case completed and he has rendered all services to which he was committed to the client.

As a special case, Article 404 of the Code of Obligations provides that “The agency contract may be revoked or terminated at any time by either party.” Thus, the agency agreement may be terminated by either party , lawyer or client, at any time, regardless of any reason, that is to say, without in any way justification.  However, the parties should take care to avoid an ” untimely ” Termination, in which case compensation may be claimed by the injured party, as provided in paragraph 2 of this article.

Due to the highly personal nature of the mandate , in following exceptional cases the agency agreement may nevertheless be terminated :

death of a contractual party , respectivly the dissolution of a legal person;
the inability of the contracting parties;
bankruptcy of one of the contracting parties.

However, these last three extraordinary causes not automatically terminate the mandate , since it is common for the parties decide that it will continue, for example with the heirs .

At the end of the mandate , the client is to pay the fee for the services provided by the lawyer according to the contract.