The practice of the legal profession is subject to various rules, including:

The Swiss Federal Constitution, in particular article 29 and following
The Federal Law of 23 June 2000 regarding lawyer’s practice (LLCA) and cantonal law for details

Those rules are mandatory and enforced by the state.

The contractual relationship between the lawyer and his client is governed by the rules on the contract of mandate (see related story)

In addition, professional associations, or bar associations have developped rules that, unless expressly stated otherwise above mentioned legal texts are not compulsary.

These rules are commonly related to ethics.

Unfortunately, these practices are not all meant to establish an fair relationship (Members of those bar associations themselves do not take them into account) between the lawyer and the client so that the law office Heger & Troya does not adhere to it without reserve.

The partners are not members of professional association and apply thoses rules nevertheless insofar they are not opposed to the interests of the client.

Jean-Philippe TROYA – 15.08.2013 @