The remuneration

The fees of the lawyer is regulated by cantonal law.

With respect to these laws, it can also be freely agreed in advance between the lawyer and his client.

It depends on various criteria, including either:

the amount in dispute;
the complexity of the case;
the specialization of the lawyer;
the experience of the lawyer.

In canton Fribourg, the hourly rate (fees and VAT not included) ranges from CHF 180.– (minimum fee in case of judicial assistance) to CHF 300 -. (Base rate according to Fribourg’s cantonal rules 2014 is CHF 250.–) and to more than CHF 400.– according to cantons.

Our office applies fees in the range foreseen by Fribourg’s cantonal legislation for disputes within the jurisdiction of Fribourg judicial and administrative authorities.

Each lawyer decides however freely with the client of the rate applicable to the case.

Pierre Serge Heger, 3.09.2018 –