The firm’s lawyers offer legal services, continuing education in labour law, social law and social partnership as well as IT risk consulting.

Each case has its own degree of complexity, so rates may vary. The following information is therefore provided for information purposes only.

Legal advice, conduct of proceedings

Base fees are CHF 300.-/hour, VAT and expenses not included.

Other types of business: Quotation on request

The Firm has indicative tariffs published under this link. Invoicing is done according to the lawyer, respectively trainee, at their respective rates. The customer may request a statement of his or her invoicing at any time. The

However, the lawyer freely determines the rate applicable to the case with his client.

The Firm provides legal assistance at preferential rates (Fr. 50.– per half hour). For more information, see the website of the Permanence juridique de la Gruyère under this link.


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