Legal disclaimer

General warning

This website and the documents therein provides indicative information and are not garantied by our law firm.
Only documents given to clients with the handwritten signature (or a valid electronic signature according to article 14 paragraph 2a CO) of a person legally authorized to represent the law firm can have legal value.
Customers, Colleagues, authorities or any third parties who contact the law firm using electronic technologies (email, msn, irc, icq, skype, facebook and others using internet technology) accept all risks or gaps in security and confidentiality inherent to the media.  They assume therefore all responsibility for their own computer, technical and software facilities. For its part, the law firm takes all steps to maintain the integrity of the documents submitted in this form and to ensure maximum confidentiality measures, depending on the technology in use. In case of loss of data by the correspondant, the law firm can claim rights to fees for revival of such data.

Technical Disclaimer

The law fîrm uses technical widespread information technology for communication with its correspondents.
However, the law firm pays particular attention to the development of legal and technical aspects of cryptography and digital signature tools.

On demand, we can provide cryptographic tools to secure communication.

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